2018 Ride

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We Fly Tomorrow

Ride Details

We’re organizing at City Hall (100 NW 1st Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33444) and taking flight from there. Please arrive at City Hall, between 7:30 and 8 AM. (Earlier is better). Even though you might have registered online you’ll need to get your wrist band and get a bike safety check. The official start time for the ride is 9 AM but with any luck we’ll leave at 8:45. There will be a catch up break at Anchor Park before our arrival at the Green Market. Don’t worry about how to get there, just follow the Alpha and Beta Witches.

2018 Fundraiser Results

In case you missed the fundraiser hosted by Tim Finnegans Irish Pub, (shame on you if you did) it was its usual success. We surpassed our previous year by raising over $5,000 in the fundraiser alone. Combined with rider registration, we’ve already beat last year’s total and we’re still registering riders until Friday. Well done witches! Join us at the ride to see the final total.

Rider Tips

  • Review the rider rules HERE.
  • View the Route Map HERE.
  • Test drive your bike fully decorated. Are the decorations safe and do not interfere with safe bicycle operation? (Are they waterproof in case of rain?)
  • Is your costume bicycle friendly? Wind could blow your costume into moving parts. Make sure nothing can get caught in the spokes, chain and otherwise interfere with safe operation of the bike. (again, waterproof?)
  • Is your hat tied down? It’s hard to keep both hands on the handlebars if you’re holding your hat down. If you missed our hat grommet station at the fundraiser, you can cut small holes in your hat right above your ears. Take a 36 inch length of string (ribbon, shoe lace, etc), loop it around the top front of the hat and drop both ends through the holes. This gives you a way to “tie it down”. Better yet, mount your hat to a bicycle helmet and let the helmet strap keep you safe and hold it down. Alpha witch secures a small hat to her bicycle helmet with small zip-ties.

Pre-Ride Bicycle Safety Check

The witches set good examples and we’re all about safety of ourselves and others around us. Prior to the ride, you’ll receive a free safety check. They’ll check your tires adding air if needed and make sure you’ve “tied it down”. The bicycle safety check is provided by Richwagen’s Bike and Sport and the Delray Beach Bicycle Club. You will not be permitted to ride until your bike is safe.

Post-Ride Contest

What are you feeling this year witches? Is your broom tricked out with all the bells and whistles? Is your costume a show stopping spell caster? Can you raise the dead with the best cackle of the coven? Maybe you’ve gotten together with several of your best “ghoulfriends” tricked out your brooms and you’re going to take the streets of Delray by storm with our new Best Group category.

Whatever your poison, show your spirit at the Delray Beach Green Market after our ride and compete for hand- made trophy’s made by our very own and very talented Beta Witch Tricia McFadden, and the best bling you’ll wear all season!

The contests are held after the ride at the Delray Beach Green Market. Even if you don’t plan on entering this year’s contests for Best Broom (bike), best Costume, best Group or best Witch Cackle, it is a fun event to watch and you’ll get to vote and cheer for your favorite witches.

We’ve brought in Delray’s highest authorities of witch style and spirit and we are proud to announce this year’s panel of judges. Joining us this year:

  • Returning Judge Amanda Perna Strul of the The House of Perna.
  • Returning judge Jestena Boughton of the Colony Hotel & Cabaña Club.
  • First time judge Jill Brown– Manager at Arts Warehouse

Emceeing our event again this year will be Robert Geller of Atlantic Commercial Group, Inc. These community members know style…they know class….and they know shenanigans! So, pull out your “witchy” best, see what kind of bedlam we can create, and find out if you’re a good witch or a bad ass witch! Proceeds from this event benefit Achievement Centers for Children and Families.

Witches Brew Fundraiser Friday October 19th, 2018

Next week is all about the ride but are you ready for this Friday’s “Witches Brew” Fundraiser at Tim Finnegans Irish Pub? Dress up in your “witchy” best and mingle with the coven. Register to ride and bid to win some of the fabulous silent auction items. The Fundraiser is from 5 to 9 PM, Friday October 19th.

Here is some of the excitement you can expect…

What’s more fun than the coven getting together to share a brew? Adding Karaoke to the cauldron that’s what! That’s right, this Friday night Dan Renken will be on hand to stir the pot with his spooky tunes and smooth sounds. So, come out practice your cackle and add your voice to mix. You’ll be channeling your inner rock star in no time!

Once again, our Wordsmith Witch is reciting her newly penned Witches of Delray poem! For the past five years Jane Ratcliffe has written a poem dedicated to our flight. This year is no exception and we are honored and thrilled to have gotten a sneak peek!
The rest of you HAVE to come out Friday to Finnegans to be witness to the brilliance under the hat. Our Wordsmith Witch is pure magic and will be unveiling this year’s 2018 Witches of Delray poem. I dare you not to fall under her spell!


One of my favorite things to do post-brew is log on and look at all the fantastic pictures from the night before. You can relive the moments and get swept up in excitement all over again. We are thrilled to announce Photo Witch Joanne Ryan will be on hand again to capture all the magic moments! She has a way with that camera…and she never gets a witch’s bad side! Come out to play this Friday and stop and flash an extra smile for Joanne. Her pictures always capture your true essence…No spells required.

Witches put a lot of effort and magic into finding the perfect hat. It must be stylish, functional and by all means stay on your head in flight. Well don’t worry my pretties! Our flying monkeys have your back (and hat). Bring you hat to the brew and for a $5 donation one of our flying monkeys will set grommets in it so you can secure it safely during flight. The Witches of Delray fly safe! And we don’t stop for wardrobe malfunctions.

Check out this sweet broom! A 26″ Huffy beach cruiser which is ride ready or add your own flair! Tickets are available now at Tim Finnegans Irish Pub. Get yours today or at the Witches Brew Fundraiser.


Show your coven pride with a double-sided yard sign. Available for the first time this year for a $15 donation to the Achievement Centers for Children & Families. These will be available exclusively at our Witches Brew fundraiser while supplies last.



As for the fundraiser itself, here is a list of some of the fabulous fundraiser items you can win in our silent auction:


Here are a few of the sponsors who donated items…

Beta and I along with the fantastic staff at the Achievement Center foundation are looking forward to mingling with the coven. We hope you can join us.

2018 Route Map

Hello again my Pretties…

The 2018 route map is set. Click the image below to view/print a PDF of the route…

Get Ready for 2018

Have you heard the exciting news? New this year for the 7th Annual Witches of Delray Witch Ride benefiting the Achievement Centers for Children & Families We are thrilled to announce a new group category for our contest at the Delray Beach GreenMarket. That’s right! You can get a group of your best “goul-friends” together and compete for the Best Group Award. If you attended last year then you witnessed the magic of the Lilly Witches…can your team oust the originals? Come FLY with the Witches of Delray.