Are you Ready to Ride?

Rider Tips

  • Test drive your bike fully decorated.  Are the decorations safe and do not interfere with safe bicycle operation?
  • Is your costume bicycle friendly?  Wind could blow your costume into moving parts. Make sure nothing can get caught in the spokes, chain and otherwise interfere with safe operation of the bike.
  • Is your hat tied down?  It’s hard to keep both hands on the handlebars if you’re holding your hat down.  If you missed our hat grommet station at the fundraiser, you can cut small holes in your hat right above your ears.  Take a 36 inch length of string (ribbon, shoe lace, etc), loop it around the top front of the hat and drop both ends through the holes.  This gives you a way to “tie it down”.  Better yet, mount your hat to a bicycle helmet and let the helmet strap keep you safe and hold it down.  Alpha witch secures a small hat to her bicycle helmet with small zip-ties.

Rider Checklist

  • Have you seen and reviewed the route map and do you know where we’re starting?  If not, consult the 2016 Route Map and info.
  • If you rode with us last year, do you know we’re meeting at a new location?  If not consult the route map.
  • Do you know what time to be there?  (Hint: 7:45 AM Saturday October 29th, 2016).  View the full schedule HERE.
  • Have you read the rider rules?  If not, review them HERE on our web site.
  • Do you know where to go to keep informed on the latest?  (Hint: visit and bookmark THIS PAGE where we’ll post the latest information.)
  • Are you planning on bringing water?  We have a six mile route with no water stops.  There will be restrooms at the starting and ending points but please bring water to stay hydrated during the ride.