3 Days Till We Ride

Have you studied the route map witches? (PDF versions HERE and HERE)

The route is marked with orange, purple and blue arrows.  Orange arrows indicate we will be riding in the streets.  This means the pace will be a bit quicker to keep up with traffic.

Purple arrows indicate when we will be riding on sidewalks and following pedestrian rules.  This is a leisurely ride witches.  Riding on sidewalks comes with a lot of surprises; cars pulling out or turning into side streets, pedestrians, other bicyclists and sometimes even yard debris.

The Blue arrows indicate where the witches who do not want to ride with Alpha to brunch can leave the ride and return to their cars.  Witches taking their cars with their brooms tucked securely away to Luna Rosa will need to bring quarters to park. It’s $1.50 an hour.

Anything marked with a “witch hat” is a scheduled stop for witches to catch up.  We have several of these throughout the route so that we can all stay together.

We have our official water stop at the Achievement Center; the timing on this should be about 8:30 am. This is a good time to say that costumes should be G, PG rated max.  We will be visiting while the center has parents dropping off their children.  Costumes should be family friendly. Nothing too scary or provocative.

Points to remember:

  • Arrive at 7 am October 31, 2014 at the railroad parking lot behind Johnny Browns
  • Make sure your hat is strapped on tight.
  • All bike decorations are secured
  • No heels or long costumes that may get caught in the bike.
  • If you have not already registered the rider donation is $20 and must be paid with your waiver signed to ride.

Sleep tight my pretties!