The 2014 Route

The route has changed from last year. If you felt like we rode way more than 5 miles last year, it’s because we did. Our route last year was over 10-1/2 miles (we measured it) and didn’t even include Atlantic Avenue!

This year we will be parking in a new centralized location riding 7-1/4 miles (with a 5-1/2 mile option) and including parts of Swinton and Atlantic Avenue which has not been included on previous routes. This should really boost our exposure. We will still ride past several schools on our way, and stop at the Achievement Center to drop off all the money we have raised.

I am personally riding this route every week at the same time of the morning we will be riding for the next month so I can get a better idea of traffic and construction. Visit the new web site at for a downloadable PDF route map and description.

This would be a good time to mention that we will only be using bikes in this year’s ride, and roller blades will not be allowed. The roads we ride on are too uneven and the traffic is hairy in a few spots. Our goal is to stay together and create a spectacle as much as possible and above all be safe so only bikes as brooms this year.  Richwagen’s Bike and Sport rents bikes if you need one to participate.  Here is a link to their site for information and current rates.

Please download and view/print the route attachments by clicking the images below:

Witches of Delray 2014 Route-small-preview
Route Info with Map
Route _Full Page_small preview
Full page route map