15 Hours Till Flight

Greeting Witches! 15 hours till flight!

Important points to remember:

Arrival time:  Witches must arrive at the rail road lot behind Johnny Browns on Atlantic Avenue no later than 7am.  We have Ren of Ren Dittfield Photography donating his time to take pictures of our take off.  He asks that you arrive by 6:45am if you want to be in these pictures.  I need to stress, he is only available for our early morning pictures.  We have other people staged throughout the route so we can get some good pictures of our flight, so if you are not able to arrive till 7 am that’s okay.  Anyone who is able to come a little earlier is encouraged to do so to take advantage of Ren’s generous offer.  Take off is at 7:30 am sharp so that we can stay on schedule for our stop at the Achievement Center at around 8:30, and brunch at Luna Rosa at around 9:45.  If you have not paid your rider donation of $20 or signed your waiver please try to arrive as early as possible.

I rode the route again this morning and it was windy so strap those hats on tight.  Secure your bike decorations.  We don’t stop for wardrobe malfunctions.

If for some reason you need to leave the ride, you cannot rejoin while we are in route.  You can meet us at Luna Rosa for brunch.  We need to stay together as a group to make sure we have the best visual impact on our ride and above all, stay safe.  We will be safe in numbers if we stay together.  We have catch up stops throughout the route to ensure that we are able to ride as a group.  We have several witches with two way radios riding with us.  If you have an emergency and need to leave the ride please let one of them know.  We have someone available with a bike rack on their vehicle to pick you up and take you to safety.

There is no real way to tell how long it will take all of us together to cover the route.  If for some reason we are running behind we will skip the loop around Spady Elementary.  Luna Rosa is holding tables for us so we need to stay on schedule so we are not holding up others.  Don’t forget to bring cash or a credit card to pay for your meal at Luna Rosa.

Please check this web site for additional details as all my previous emails are on the web site along with a route map.
Looks like we are going to have incredible weather for our flight witches!  I can’t wait to see your costumes, your bikes and your beautiful Halloween smiles in the morning.  No staying up late hitting the brew tonight witches…..tomorrow we ride!

I love ya with all my dried up, black, little heart,