2023 Witch Ride Crystal Ball Comes into Focus

Magic was definitely in the air at our Brew Friday night at Tim Finnegan’s Irish pub.  Lisa Walsh and her incredible staff did it again! Thank you to Spirit Well Sensory Lounge for providing Tarot card and tea leaf readers. Our 9th annual Witches Brew was one for the books! The pictures are still coming in; we’ll get them to you as they arrive. 

For now, let’s check our crystal balls to see how the ride is shaping up and talk about logistics.  

Flight Day instructions:

There is NO PARKING at Anchor Park.  Refer to the 2023 Witch Ride map for parking locations.

Arrive on your bike at the north exit of Anchor Park.  The “entrance” is reserved for lifeguard staff, so we’ll enter via the Anchor Park “exit.”  Follow volunteer instructions and signs to the Achievement Center tent south of the stage. Check in, then go to the bicycle safety check if you need to. If you do not need a safety check, leave out of the north entrance of Anchor Park and head to the corner of Casuarina Rd. and A1A to get lined up for take-off.  Stay in the RIGHT lane when lining up on Casuarina Rd.

Take off is 8 a.m. Please get in line as soon as possible so we can take off promptly at 8.  When you hear Alpha blow her air horn, get on your bike and be ready to ride.

The route proceeds north on A1A. Witches must stay in the RIGHT lane. Do not pass; this is not a race, and Alpha keeps a leisurely pace. The flight turns and heads back southbound on A1A to Anchor Park. Stay in your lane to avoid collisions with witches in the oncoming lane.

We have a treacherously tight U-turn at the north end of our route. Follow the stanchions, barricades, and volunteer instructions to funnel down to single file for tun. Stay SINGLE FILE in the turn. There is little room to turn, and our brooms will be decorated. USE CAUTION, stay aware. We don’t want to be in a hurry and have a rider pile-up.

Follow Alpha and Beta southbound to Anchor Park. Stay in the RIGHT lane, as we will be heading into oncoming riders in the opposite lane. Do not pass; this is a parade and not a race.  Arrive at Anchor Park for contests and shenanigans.

If you’ve not seen our rider safety videos for this event, please have a look at the following videos:

We’ll have more details flying at you so stay tuned.