If you caught any of our flight or the shenanigans at the Green Market Saturday you know we witches really, REALLY get into this!

We spend months planning and crafting the most perfect costumes and decorations.

That’s why we call in the highest authorities of all things witchy to judge our brooms and cackles.

Bubbles, brooms, glitter, and glam swept past these judges in the blink of a newt’s eye. Coordinated groups of witches memorized and mystified. It was a tough job but these judges picked the best and our Master of Ceremonies kept the chaos contained. Thank you, Robert Geller, Jestena Boughton, Amanda Perna Strul, and Jill Brown. We had such fun with you at the market and in flight! We hope you’ll come to play again in 2019 and help us support Achievement Centers for Children & Families. We’re already conjuring up new and exciting plans.