This Year’s Poem

The Witches of Delray 2016

by Jane Ratcliffe

It was five years ago on Halloween morn’
A small coven gathered to weather the storm

With their brooms all bedazzled in the dark spooky flair
That handful of witches took off to the air!

Giggling, cackling, casting spells of good deeds
Those wonderful witches, they planted the seeds.

And let me tell you, my friend, how those seeds of grown
Some 80 plus witches can brag that they’ve flown!

And you can fly too, just put on your hat,
Then grab your best broom. ┬áIt’s as easy as that!

For The Witches of Delray only fly once a year
And you don’t want to miss it, now trust me my dear!

And when we land in the square, our spells all but cast
Our work now completed, it’s always a blast!

So join us on that day, and all the days that will come
For we witches are busy! Our work’s NEVER done!