Last Year’s Contest Winners

Need some costume and bike inspiration, take a look at last year’s winners for the 2015 Best Broom, Best Costume and Best Witch Cackle…

2015 “Best Broom” Winner – Lynn Davanzo Korp

2015bestbroomAny witch knows a smooth and stylish flight is all about the broom! And boy did this witch have it goin on! Check out Witch Lynn DaVanzo Korp winner of our 2015 Witches of Delray Best Decorated Broom award! She’s planning on stealing the award again this year so dust off those brooms witches! She’s a tough witch to beat!

2015 “Best Costume” Winner – Tara Mals


Have you been planing your most spellbinding outfit yet? Check out WitchTara Mals winner of our 2015 Witches of Delray Best Costume award! Can’t wait to see what she conjures up this year!!

2015 “Best Cackle” Winner – Anita Holland


Got a cackle that could raise the dead? We wanna hear it witches!!! Come out and compete against the stiffest cackle competition in the south! Check out Witch Anita Holland winner of our 2015 Witches of Delray Best Cackle award! She’s got a cackle that makes all her familiars cringe with delight! Can you beat it?