Fundraiser Results

fundraiserThe 2015 Witches Brew Fundraiser at Tim Finnegans was a huge success. The fundraiser alone raised $2,096!!! Compared to last year’s $647, we have raised over three times as much as last year and we still have riders to register! Brilliant hearts these witches! Gracious and generous!

Last year we had 22 riders pre-register with 23 riders registering the day of the ride. (45 total registered but only 40 rode). This year we’ve already pre-registered 48 and we could expect another 40 or so registering the day of the ride. The coven is growing in leaps and bounds!!fundraiser3

At the moment, our total amount raised for the Achievement Center (fundraiser plus rider donations) is at $2,876 which is almost twice last year’s totals. It will be even bigger once we’ve registered riders on Saturday.


Big stuff happening! So stay tuned!