Post Ride Update

Greetings my pretties!

I hope you have all been well since our Halloween flight! I can’t begin to express what an honor and thrill it was to lead you around our beloved Delray Beach. It was wonderful to ride with you, new friends and old. Thank you all for attending.

We raised a total of $1547.00 for the Achievement Center for Children and Families. We were 40 riders strong and five lovely behind the scenes witches that we couldn’t have done it without! Our coven more than doubled in number this year! Look what we witches can do when we put our hats together!

With the Holiday season upon us I know you are probably in a flurry of activity. In an effort to become a better, bigger coven I would like to ask you to please take a moment to fill out an anonymous survey about your experience with the Witches of Delray.  It’s a quick 10 question survey, with space for comments. We love feedback, we love ideas and we love participation so if you would like to get involved with the down and dirty planning of next year’s ride we’d love to know that too!

If you rode with us or otherwise participated but didn’t get your survey link via email or Facebook, please use the contact form on this web site to request a link to the survey.

We’re editing all the video from this year’s ride including the Go Pro “Broom cam” footage and we hope to have that finished soon. If you have videos or pictures from this year’s ride that you would like featured on the Witches of Delray website or Facebook page, please use the contact form to get in touch with me. We’re updating all that information and would love to include your favorite shots.

Wishing you, your families, and your familiars a happy, healthy holiday season.

I will be in touch.