5 Days Till We Ride!

Greetings Witches! 5 Days Till We Ride!

Fantastic turnout for our Witches Brew Happy Hour fundraiser Friday at Tim Finnegans Irish Pub!! We raised more than $1000.00 for the Achievement Center, Signed up 23 riders, collected a dozen books and had a wicked good time! We’re breaking records already this year witches! Thank you all who came out and supported the Witches of Delray and the Achievement Center!

**The Ride**

Witch Ride Arrival Time:
This is important witches. Arrive by 7:00am at the Railroad lot behind Johnny Brown’s on Atlantic Ave. We take flight at 7:30 am sharp. To get the best exposure on our route, and remain on time for brunch at Luna Rosa this is important. We cannot wait for others to arrive. If you are not in line with waiver signed and money paid at 7:30 am we will have to leave you behind and you can catch up with us at brunch… Set your alarms, cast a spell if you have to…but don’t be late…..I know, I’m a hard ass witch sometimes.

Please take a moment to look over the updated route map on our web site HERE. We will be riding a combination of streets and sidewalks throughout the route. We will be walking our bikes at times and riding others. This is all listed on the route map, as well as markers that show where we will have “witch catch up spots.” Our goal is to stay together, be safe, and cast a “good witch” spell over Delray Beach.

Keep it simple witches, we can’t be stopping for wardrobe malfunctions. So strap it down, tie it on, do what you gotta do! Heels are not recommended for riders. One of our witches from Friday night went to George’s Shoe Repair on 4th street and got a pair of grommets installed on her hat for $8.00. Now she can use any ribbon to tie her hat down so it doesn’t blow away in flight! Awesome idea Anita Holland!! Thanks’ for sharing. Check it out witches if you need a hat solution!

Brunch is not included in your donation so make sure and bring some cash or a credit card to pay for your meal.

All details are at witchesofdelray.org. We will be sending out daily emails from now till we ride….please contact me if you have any questions or concerns before the ride.

Happy Sunday Funday Witches!