2023 Witch Ride Survey

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How satisfied are you with the route change, including using Anchor Park for our post-event activites?
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"Other" answers
Anchor park is beautiful but we love the downtown Delray Square meet up. It was so nice to go over to the greenmarket after the final stage performance was over. And we would also meet up on Atlantic for brunch after.
Not satisfied with the route change but also grateful the ride was able to continue
Any comments on the route change? (Optional)
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Incredibly short. Missing the atmosphere of Down town, the stage, the tree.
the ride should be down atlantic to include all the businesses and certainly needs to be ending at Old Town square
Seemed much shorter though
Ride was too short
It was so short!!
Too short. Lots of work go into the bikes. I think people want to ride a bit longer
The route was nice. Love A1a. It was also really great to make a U turn so that we could see all the other witches. The only thing me and my fellow witches said was that it was way too short. 21 minutes. A lot of time and effort to decorate the bikes and plan outfits and then 45 minutes waiting for the 8am start. So longer ride would be nice. We also always enjoyed the mid ride break in the past.
First timer, route was nice, but too short and not too many spectators along the way.
Too short and removed from the Ave where all the magic is
It's a lot of work for a 30 minute ride. But I do realize we are raising money for a extremely good cause. It was a lot more fun riding through Delray. But I understand the safety issues as well.
Anchor park is not a great venue for after the event. Many people just left and the accoustics didn’t work.
I feel there is a missed opportunity for so many not going down Atlantic.
It felt very very short. The whole ride was 21 minutes which felt very short after standing and waiting lined up for 50 min to start the ride. We where on time to register which then added to the time just waiting.
Shorter ride which wasn't bad.
Just loved all the folks that came out along Atlantic as it was accessible to them.
Very little ability for people to view the ride.
The route was too short and I miss the energy of the parade watchers on Atlantic ave.
It was too short
Loved riding on Atlantic and ending at the old school square amphitheater last year. Beach was nice too. It would be great to start at an anchor park and end at the amphitheater, it would be nice to have the community involved in downtown Delray.
It was safer and nice to be along the ocean the whole time, but the other DT Delray route was more exciting and we have so much more exposure. I preferred the former location.
I like the rides when we go through the downtown area because I like to visit the farmers market and the restaurants after the ride. I also enjoy watching the kids all dressed up for their trick-or-treat event . This ride I drove down to Deerfield and had breakfast down there.
Rude was too short and I have spoken to several hopeful spectators that could not find parking. The ride is more of a parade, not to be likened to a 5K and happy spectators is what a witch likes to see.
The crowd loves it every year! This year it was boring. It’s fun to ride down the Ave and have “our fans” and family to come watch. This year there were people near Atlantic ave and A1A only. We spend so much time on our outfits and bikes that this year I feel like although it’s for a great cause. Just not the same. It was such a better venue at old school square. The stage and people that come to watch. Not sure if we will be doing this next year which is too bad because it’s usually so many ch fun.
Go back to the old route.
Missed flying on the Ave & joining the green market.
The ride was entirely too short! I look forward to this ride every year, and I spent more time in my car on the ride there than I did on my bike.
The ride was only 16 minutes for us and we had way less interaction with the public. Was not nearly as fun.
I didn't bike for the first time in years. It was because of the changes the shortness of the ride and the fact that the path through town and over the Atlantic Ave Bridge was the best. Plus, for anyone looking to observe the bike ride they had no restaurants or locations to see it from. I truly hope for next year the path gets changed. It's a shame the city messed with it.
It was nice being on A1A, however it was more interactive downtown.
Too short
LOVED the new route, but it could have been a little longer. I feel we didn’t go down as far as we were supposed to go down A1A!! Other than that, it was fantastic! Cant wait till next year!!
Yea it was not good, riding in town is much better, it was too short & too monotone
It was a shorter ride - would be nice to go a little longer way - maybe - Atlantic Dunes to Atlantic Ave (could turn around on streets or church)
It was too short
It was cool to see the other witched on the ride back to the park
I didn’t think the A1A ride was too bad as a rider. But our usual crowd was not there. Anchor Park energy was low and ran into spectators from previous years that were upset about the change and did not show.
It’s too short and feels very removed for the heart of delray
It wasn't fun for me at all. I missed riding through the town and then assembling by the stage afterwards at the green market.
It seemed shorter which was a little disappointing but understandable given the challenges of the old route
Not the same at all. Been doing this since 2017 and it was not the same at all. No parkjng close so my family couldn’t come
It made for a much easier ride for a large group to just go up and down A1A. Also, Loved that so many people showed up to watch along the way. What really made the day extra special was being able to ride our bikes to El Fuego afterwards for their brunch! It was so enjoyable!!
Loved it!
I loved it!!
This route seemed much shorter than the previous year.
I wish the bike ride was longer. It was my first time doing the ride but I heard from a few friends last year that a lot more people came out to watch on Atlantic Ave.
There are very few spectators, and the excessive wind on A1A makes it hard to ride decorated bikes. Parking is also an issue.
The ride was much shorter than last year. It wasn’t that much fun to be prepared for several months to ride just a few minutes.
I felt safer on this route, including the turnaround.
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Any comments on route safety? (Optional)
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We still had to get to the park many people drove through the down town area anyway and now it's less safe becuase everything was diverted to A1A
too narrow a turn
Really tight turn
No one was out there, how could not feel safe
The route was nice and safe. Absolutely no issues turning around. We could make the turnaround a little further North? Or go South first and then turn around and go North and then back?
Very safe
I felt super safe the old way
People were standing in the road where there were people at Atlantic. Lots of people commented that they didn’t know it was on or were waiting on Atlantic
Appreciated the DBPD along the route, however at the turn onto A1A the officer stopped my husband, who got separated from us and pulled him over because he didn't have a costume on. She didn't believe him that he paid to ride and got separated from his group. I had to ride back and tell her, so we ended up not being able to ride with our group. That was annoying that he wasn't believed.
The turn around went much smoother than I expected.
I was concerned about the turn around but it was much smoother than expected.
The ride was easier but the turnaround was too tight…
I have never felt unsafe on any of the routes.
I never felt unsafe on either route, but arriving to and leaving Anchor Parkbseemed much more dangerous.
It was fine. They did a good job with that.
Great job!
It was plenty safe before.
Since I didn't go this year, I can't comment on the turn. But in years past people somehow managed with the longer path without issues
I never felt image on the previous routes. The turn was a bit chaotic and people standing in the road blocking the way was unsafe
Felt safe on all the rides… 5 so far
I never felt unsafe with original route.
I did not feel unsafe with the former route.
As always the ground crew and DHPD did a fabulous job of keeping everyone safe!
I felt safe on the old route
Very safe
Which route would you prefer?
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Any comments on route preference? (Optional)
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It needs to be worth the effort. I understand a cop was hurt last year which is horrible. Bur this is a part of Delray tradition. People love it and love being a part of it.
Like A1A better but wish it were longer. Liked the stage set up better on original ride as that was a mess! And also was nice that the farmers market was there after and lots of people present in the area due to the farmers mkt to generate more buzz about this worthy cause!
I will say that we do prefer the old route from City Hall to ending at Old School Square. (Unless the new route is longer). I also felt that we had a bigger audience going on Atlantic which is nice.
Probably more fun ending at the square, many people there didn’t even know about the ride
Hands down, no comparison to the many years before which made me fall in love with this ride❤️
The old route was more exciting and felt like it was more substantial.
I like both routes but probably safer on A1A.
It was fun after the turn around to see the oncoming witches but I still like the old route and I had friends who couldn't see the ride because they couldn't get to A1A
Make it a combo from Anchor to old school square!
It makes the event to be downtown!!! We are the highlight of the day!! The acoustics remotely at Anchor park was terrible and annoying… Go back to the old route!!
Why change a good thing?
You could go to fresh market and the food trucks or ask for a venue that could give us a discount.
Our whole group loves the old route better.
Am good with either but if given the opportunity to go back through downtown, would prefer it.
If the ride down A1A were longer, it wouldn’t matter which route we take.
Too short.
So many more people to see us!!That's what makes it way more fun!!
Just make it a little longer ride.
Include longer area of A1A
I like the view on A1A, but there were more people watching with the old route and ending at the Green market was nicer. Plus parking is better at the old route.
Provides easier access for the spectators
I’m told The Market vendors were also upset of the change since they were hoping to have more crowds from the activities.
If we start later in the morn at anchor park we could finish at oss -go west up the Ave after it’s already been closed off -therefore eliminating extra need for police escort but also coordinating with the delray Halloween events adding to the energy within the town on this most magical DELRAY day of the year!!!
I prefer the former route. I will not register for the ride next year if the route does not return to the old route.
This route was lovely but if it could be longer that would be perfect!
Loved when it was at the old school square. Closer to bike to the city hall as well.
This was my first time doing the witches ride but I heard from a few friends that the route last year brought out more people on Atlantic Ave and it was more central to the activities taking place later in the day.
The old route just made more sense.
Any comments on "old route"?
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Possibly a park. Wouldn't do it if it were another city. Maybe A1A could have worked if we went at least down to Linton or made 2 loops
If you do A1A maybe take a longer ride. It was to short.
See above
It has to be longer
We always enjoyed the mid ride break in the past. Anchor park is beautiful but we love the downtown Delray Square meet up. It was so nice to go over to the greenmarket after the final stage performance was over. And we would also meet up on Atlantic for brunch after. I also felt that we had a bigger audience going on Atlantic which is nice.
Loved the old venue, the spectators, the children, the music the energy
It was great and a real showcase opportunity for Delray Beach. They close Atlantic later in the day is it worth asking the city to combine?
I loved riding thru the town and interacting with people, I’m happy there where spectators on the beach as well.
Through Pineapple Grove, Artist Alley and parts of SE NE 4th Ave.
No! We are the Witches of Delray! We need to stay in Delray. Maybe start at Anchor Park and end at the Green Market. We only have to cross the bridge and the train tracks once.
I like a longer route. I felt this year was very short. Boca Raton would be neat because they have the amphitheater at Mizner Park and plenty of places to hang out after.
Would been just be riding through a park?
It’s better!!
George Bush road
Miss it! Perhaps a compromise can be reached to go back.
Loved it!!
Petition Delray to let us do our ride.
Possibly use Lake Worth using Lake Avenue and Lucerne.

Or another town with a green market as an end point.
Loved it. Lake Ida sounds fun though!!
Old route was GREAT, in town and so much better ending in old school square etc
It does require more law enforcement logistics
This is tough to answer bc I truly think Atlantic ave route is the only answer. It supports the local businesses. The kids that are trick or treating love taking pictures with us and the market place attracts more ppl and bring the energy. The other cities wouldn’t give the same vibes.
Modify old route and times to coordinate with Ave closure so we can still be in delray old school ware for the prizes and festivities
I don't understand why the route changed in the first place.
Old school square amphitheater wa s abetted venue for the afte ride events. A park might be a good option - for safety as well as managing the riders and an on-site location for the festivities afterwards.
I would. It recommend moving to Boca or Boynton (even though I live in Boynton Beach!) I think you would lose some people from north/south
I actually don’t really have another suggestion. I love Delray so i don’t know where if the city won’t let us do the old
I would be good with a different route in an entirely new city if it meant the ride was a little longer. I don’t want a marathon bike ride but it just felt a little short by the time I got into it the ride was over. I would be willing to drive to another city or any park in PBC.
There were more spectators, parking wasn’t an issue, and there was plenty of space to gather before and after the ride.
I was satisfied with the parking options available for the event?
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Any comments on parking? (Optional)
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We were worried about parking but it turned out perfectly
Parked at the church which was great
Based on the location for this year, it was fine. We are a large group, so we always bring all our bikes in a UHAUL.
No parking for persons with disabilities
Family could find parking. There were a lot of people that didn’t get to watch.
Lucky to have friends who live in the area.
Getting up early and getting down there is hard to do but then this year to have to find new parking locations must have been rough.
We stayed at Opal and rode our bikes but if we didn’t it would have been challenging I think
Was able to have friends park @ my house and on my street
Did not like the parking.
Church parking lot was great
We rode from Chapel Hill which is a lot longer ride but wasn’t an issue for us. The issue was family that wanted to come see us ride couldn’t find parking.
My family couldn’t come watch because my husband can’t walk far because of a bad knee
Partner with Opal hotel would be amazing..
Were you satisfied with spectator visibility on the new route?
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Any comments on spectator visibility? (Optional)
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People were out and cheering so it was okay.
people up and down the avenue come to watch on old route
Visibility was fine but if they weren’t there specifically for the ride it went unnoticed
I missed almost the entire beginning
When we got near Atlantic Avenue, the spectators were in the street and causing traffic commotion with the bicyclist. There should be barriers that they cannot get close to us.
Not many people at all
I’m not sure what you mean with this question. Obviously you could see people lining up on the side walk. There where nothing preventing you from that. I did not however feel that there was as much excitement in the spectators as riding on Atlantic. The beach had plenty of family members and some unrelated spectators but nothing compared to previous years.
I don't believe enough spectators had access
Spector were sparse. Many friends missed the ride because they couldn't get to A1A. In turn, downtown lost some revenue because why bother coming downtown if you can't see the ride.
Spectators were not told to get back on the side walk. There were times that you had to go into the opposite lane because they were in the way
So little exposure and a very thin crowd… the route change was not well marketed pre-event I guess…
Was a thin crowd to say the least. Many folks could not find parking
Definitely was less this year!
This was the worst part. We way more fun before. No energy from the public this year.
Atlantic Ave was the best for spectators as well as Old School Square.
People were in the road and in the path of bikes at certain areas.
Visibility was good. Access to the route more of a challenge
I was also told that local business were hoping to see us ride by on Atlantic ave.
Felt like we were shoved into a corner where even family members had trouble reaching us in time , back at the park for the events. they were stood on a1a to watch then difficult to know where to find us how to get there etc AV was not loud enough so many ppl just left before prizes
Spectators are great! A few stepped into the road which was a bit scary but overall well behaved LOL
Last years route allowed for more spectators, I feel.
They may have had visibility, had there been spectators.
How important are the contests to you?
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Any comments on the contests? (Optional)
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Poor visibility on contestants. People seem to enjoy
It seems like it's rigged and the same people always win
The stage was insufficient in height and size for the step teams. You could barely see them this year and the audio was so horrible this year. I couldn’t hear them at all and they music was scrambled
Not about contests but I think you should gather all witches before parade and speak about Achievement center, good work and importance of the donations and make an ask for more donation. Some of my invited riders did not know what the center did. And many witches left immediately after the ride
More categories would be fun, they were a lot of photographers there, will there pictures be posted ?
Add 1st 2nd and 3rd place prizes for group. People put a lot of heart soul and effort.
I think for some there should be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, particularly best broom/bike, best individual and best group. Many people spend a lot of time and effort and it would be good to be recognised and incentivised for the following year.
Seems like the same groups keep winning. Great for them
They do a fantastic job
But it makes me think why bother entering?
Charity Angels has raised money for this event for 3 years. We have increasingly raised the bar on our fund raising. And yes, we wanted to WIN! We have had a group of between 8 and 18 women! We each spend so much of our own time and money on costumes bike decorations every year beyond the money we each raise for the cause.
A person entering as a group should not enter best costume contest also
Maybe have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd?
Makes the event more creative & fun but good either way.
I think maybe having a contest that involved the kids would be cute. Best kid cackle, best decorated broom etc. Something like that.
You should give first, 2nd & 3rd place

Also you should have one witch group on stage at a time it was too much with everyone on that small stage at once while you were judging
Sea Turtle Team is awesome!
I know it’s suppose to be fun but some groups seem to spend a lot of time and money making their group special. It’s nice to be recognized. We meet several times planning and decorating. But it’s not just us. Ppl come out to see the different ideas and love watching the contest as well.
It’s a tradition for our group. One of the only thing that keeps us together! If not this I wouldn’t see these friends much
I think the contests add another fun component to the ride.
They’re fun
Do you agree that the contests are fairly judged?
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Any comments about your feelings about how the contests are judged (Optional)
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Maybe add in a vote from the crowd. Judges plus the loudest cheer
I dont feel this year judges could see entries very well and a lot of people left before judging as couldnt hear what was going on
On other notes the MC was screaming into the microphone and did not know how to use one properly. She also mispronounced all sponsors. She should know how to pronounce them and if need be have a card with it written so she say it correctly.
It shouldn’t be based off of sponsorship but truly creativity and hours of heart filled effort. Both bikes and costumes. I don’t think the time was there to be fairly judged. There were so much detail to the bikes and I believe it got overlooked. Massively overlooked

Maybe one judge should be picked from the spectators. There is always a crowd favorite that might get overlooked
Always difficult to judge as subjective. I think 1st, 2nd and 3rd would help. I think there needs to be mindfulness around sponsors and winning.
I watched the contests the first couple years, then stopped. It's always the same people winning
Absolute yes! Big issue! The judging must be rigged… it’s not about raising money, it’s not about creativity… not sure how these judges are selected and I wonder if it was politically aligned. If there is a theme to be about the environment, then that should be called out ahead of the event. These groups seem to win…

Finally, I cannot believe the SAME group with the Sailing Fish won again!! Other than their hats and the main bike, there was ABSOLUTELY NO EFFORT OR CREATIVITY! Disappointing
A lot of the witch groups work hard on the bikes and outfits.
I disagreed with the winners.
This is not specific to this year but the cackle contest has not been fairly judged in the past so I stopped participating.
I do think it has been pretty fair in the past. This year it did not. I feel like everything was rushed. I don’t feel like judges made their rounds to examine different groups and details of their theme as a group. The details of bikes were amazing this year but needed to be seen as a group or up close. A lot of attention were spent on sponsors. I know we are raising money but it could have been taken by some as unfair.
I don’t know what criteria the judges use. But for the best group I’m not sure the bikes should have been the deciding factor. I do believe they may have won before and I think there were some groups that were more creative
We won 2021 and 2023. We were not as good this year so I was ok with the boats winning.
I felt like the stage was so small this year and didn't allow for everyone to get seen. When it came to the best dressed group the judges didn't even look at the contestants that were behind the barbie group and the other groups that were more towards the back.