Witch Rider Rules

  • Bicycles only. No scooters, golf carts, or roller blades.
  • Riders must be 18 years of age unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Riders 14 years and up may ride if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian AND a parental wavier is signed by a legal parent or guardian. By law, riders under the age of 16 MUST wear a helmet and will be turned away if not wearing a helmet. (Alpha Witch decorates a helmet with a witch hat to set a good example.)
  • Only one rider per bike. No children in child bicycle seats or carriers will be permitted.
  • No pets.
  • We will have a police escort. Pay close attention to the pre-ride safety instruction which will be announced the morning of the ride by Alpha Witch and the Delray Beach Police Department. They will give you detailed instructions on how to proceed safely (and have fun).
  • Due to the size of our group, we will get spread out. A catch-up spot will be provided. This is not a race. Do not pass the Alpha Witch or the escort officers and follow all officer and Alpha Witch instructions.
  • Make sure costumes, bike decorations do not interfere with safe bicycle operation. A mandatory free bicycle safety check is provided the morning of the race by Richwagen’s Bike & Sport to ensure the safety of our coven.
  • When riding on the road, remain as far to the right as is safe and beware of road debris to the right, parked cars, or car doors opening. Although we have a police escort, stay completely out of the oncoming lane. Police escort vehicles will be using this lane to pass the witches in order to block the next intersection.
  • Although you should try to keep pace with the group, do not follow other riders too closely. Riders may have to stop quickly due to unexpected road hazards and you will need to be able to safely stop or slow down to avoid a collision.